Nagoya University Engineering Library

Library Services under COVID-19

Opening/Service Standards

The Engineering Library judges the opening and services level based on the "Educational Activities" and "Entrance restrictions for students" levels in the Guidelines for Activities at Nagoya University During the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic as shown in below.

Opening and Service Standards for Engineering Library (in Japanese)pdf

Library Guide

Borrowing/Delivery Service

If you wish, we can borrow and deliver materials in the Engineering Library to your home.
This is a service mainly provided by the Central Library, but we will provide the same services for materials in the Engineering Library if you requested.
Depending on the situation, possibly the contents of the service will be changed at any time in accordance with changes in the activity policy level established by Nagoya University. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.



How to Apply

Please send to with the following information.

If you want to borrow more than one book, please write it in the order you want it. (Checkout Limit: Members of engineering-related departments: 5 items, members of other departments: 3 items.)

When we are ready, we will send a dispatch notification to the address you sent us. Materials will be sent by courier service.


Please bring them to the Engineering Library, or send them with a delivery record after packing them firmly. You will be responsible for all return shipping costs.

Delivery Service for Copies Ordered via Interlibrary Loan

We provide home delivery service for copies ordered via interlibrary loan.

Remote Study/Research Support

Library Online Consultation

Library staff accept questions about library resources and services via Microsoft Teams.
The service is available on weekdays from 10:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00 without reservation by sending request form and joining Teams meeting.
Only members of Nagoya University can use this service and the language of service is Japanese.

For more details on how to use, please see the Library Online Consultation.

Contact Information:

Reference service/Consultation by E-mail

Please feel free to contact us email (

Electronic Resources Available from Off-Campus

Cambridge University Press On Campus Remote Access Guide Sheetpdf
Elsevier (ScienceDirect) On Campus Remote Access Guide Sheetpdf
Oxford University Press On Campus Remote Access Guide Sheetpdf
Springer Nature On Campus Remote Access Guide Sheetpdf

Information on COVID-19

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