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Release of Information on Study and Research Support at Home (for COVID-19 infection)

In response to the trend of school and commuting abstinence due to the spread of new pneumonia infections, many publishers have published a variety of electronic resources. The Nagoya University Library also provides a number of electronic resources that can be used at home.

To get these information, please visit the following pages. These pages will be regularly updated.

Remote access manuals are below:

E-books, etc. (home study support)

Nagoya University Library website>"Electronic Resources to support Remote Study and Research" at the top of the site.

Information on COVID-19 (research support)

Nagoya University Library website>"Papers Related to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)" at the top of the site.

Ask the library

Please feel free to contact us using the web form if you have any questions about how to find information or obtain literature.

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