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About the service

Faculty, students and staff of the School/Graduate school of Engineering, and of the affiliated departments may use this service at the Engineering Library. If you need an item not available at the libraries in the Higashiyama campus, we may be able to arrange a loan or photocopies from another library.


How to order

  1. By OPAC and databases with NULink mark you may order. Those search results are set in the order form.
  2. You can order by the following forms.
    Application form 1(Grad. Schools of Engineering or Environmental Studies or Information Science)
  • For students to use the university expense, please contact advising teachers.
  • For more information, inquire us by phone (ext. 5033) or e-mail.

How to receive

  • We will contact you via e-mail, fax or phone upon receipt of materials or if we are unable to fill your request. Items are held at the library circulation desk for pick-up. Photocopy paid by the university expense delivered to faculty offices.
  • It takes 3 days to a week for ordering to libraries in the Nagoya University, a week to 10 days for ordering to other university libraries in Japan.

How to pay

  • Some of our ILL services are now free of charge. We will tell you in advance if payment is required.
LibrariesFee for Copy DeliveryFee for Book Rental Notes
Inside Nagoya UniversityFreeFreeVisit by yourself if possible.
University Libraries in JapanFreeReturn postage is required
Other Libraries in JapanTranscription fee and PostageRound-trip Postage is required
Overseas2000yen-5000yen/article5000yen-10000yenIt will take 10 days to months. Remittance charge may be required.

How to return

  • Return books ordered before loan linit at the service desk of the Central Engineering Library.
    Please do not send by internal mail for the possibility of lost.


  • Photocopy requests are limited under copyright law.
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