Memoirs of the School of Engineering.


Ikuo Nakamura, Yasuhiko Sakai, Hiroyuki Tsunoda, Shengjian Liu

  Diffusion of turbulent plume around a sphere. pp.135-184

Tomoyuki Nagaya, Hiroshi Orihara, Yoshihiro Ishibashi

  The Kolmogorov-avrami type models of crystal growth in limited

  volumes. pp.185-213

(Research report)

Takeo Soga, Byung Gon Kim, Satoshi Kogure

  Numerical simulation of plume impingement on the lunar surface.


Takeo Soga, Hiroshi Kawato, Byung Gon Kim

  Direct Monte Carlo simulation of axisymmetric free jet. pp.223-232


Toshiya Morisue

  Computational electromagnetism and gauges. pp.1-56

Kenji Morita, Yuji Hasebe

  Dynamic behavior of hydrogen isotopes implanted into graphite

  studied by means of ion beam analysis technique. pp.57-104

(Research report)

Ikuo Nakamura, Takashi Watanabe, Takashi Yoshida

  On the numerical outflow boundary condition of the viscous flow

  around a square cylinder. pp.105-117

Yoshiyuki Sugiyama, Masahiro Yoshida, Jang-Soo Choi

  Numerical investigation of perpendicular staged blowing into a

  subsonic cross flow. p.118-134


Chobei Yamabe, Keiji Nakamura, Kenji Horii

  Fundamental studies on power transmission in space by using laser

  beams.  pp.147-176

Keiji Nakamura, Chobei Yamabe, Kenji Horii

  Improvement of corona-preionized TEA-CO2 laser and its application

  to non-destructive and remote inspection. pp.177-223

Tetsuya Matsui

  Second-order wave effects on ocean platforms : theory and

  experiment. pp.224-266

(Research report)

Takeo Soga, Takehiko Hayashi

  Numerical analysis of interaction of supersonic free jets, including

  formation of reverse flow. pp.267-282


Yukio Ishida, Takashi Ikeda, Toshio Yamamoto, Shin Murakami

  Nonstationary vibrations of a rotating shaft with nonlinear spring

  characteristics during acceleration through critical speeds. pp.1-70

Hiroshi Mori, Yasuo Tanigawa

  Simulation methods for fluidity of fresh concrete.  pp.71-134

(Research report)

Ikuo Nakamura, Masafumi Miyata, Takehiro Kushida, Takehito Yamaguchi

  The Coherent structure in a corner turbulent boundary layer.



Isamu Akasaki, Kazumasa Hiramatsu, Hiroshi Amano

  MOVPE growth of GaN and AlxGa1-xN and their luminescence and

  electrical properties.  pp.147-178

Akihiro Sasoh, Xin-Yu Chang, Toshiyuki Murayama, Toshi Fujiwara

  Three-dimensional calculation of radiative field in hypersonic air

  shock layers.  pp.179-224

Koichiro Iwata, Takashi Tomita

  Fifth-order theory of partial clapotis in shallow water depth.


(Research report)

S.G.Ravi Kumaur, Toshi Fujiwara

  Numerical simulation of reactive flows by a time-split algorithm.


(, 1991)

Shigeki Toyama, Masaaki Nakamura, Kazunori Murase, Hassan Mohamed Salah

  Studies of desalting solar stills.  pp.1-53

Hiroshi Takeuchi

  Studies on the liquid membrane separation of metal cations using

  mobile carrier. pp.54-112

(Research report)

V.M.Shevtsova, T.Fujiwara, Yu.S.Ryazantsev

  Thermoconvective motion in a two-layered system. pp.113-120

Takeo Soga, Kouji Yamanaka

  Numerical study on the interaction of supersonic flow past a wedge

  and free jet.  pp.121-134

Takeo Soga, Byung Gon Kim, Hideo Suda

  Direct simulation of effusion and expansion flows from a slit into a

  vacuum.  pp.135-146

(, 1990)

Ikuo Nakamura, Takashi Watanabe

  Fundamental study of the problem solver for fluids engineering.


Hideo Furuhashi, Toshio Goto

  Studies on the pulsed UV lasers excited by longitudinal discharge

  with automatic preionization. pp.238-289

M.Yasuhara, Y.Nakamura, K.Tsuboi, K.Kuwabara

  Theory and shock tunnel experiments on flow past hypersonic

  vehicles.  pp.290-359

(Research report)

Tadayoshi Sugimura, Toshitaka Fujiwara, John H.Lee

  Cellular detonation-instability and sub-structure.  pp.360-373


Fusetsu Takagi, Morihiro Harada

  Study on the spatial and temporal behaviors of unconfined groundwater

  head-field in heterogeneous region.  pp.1-47

Keiji Naito, Toshihide Tsuji, Tsuneo Matsui, Masaaki Magara

  Solid state chemistry of nuclear reactor materials at high

  emperature.  pp.48-123

Hiroshi Miyahara, Chizuo Mori

  A 4΃(PPC)-(HPGe) coincidence apparatus using a live-timed

  bi-dimensional data aquisition system and its application.  pp.124-170

(Research report)

S.G.Ravi Kumar, Toshi Fujiwara

  Numerical solution of shock tube problem using finite element method

  with upwinding.  pp.171-181

(, 1989)

Chobei Yamabe, Kenji Horii

  Development of a new type ozonizer. pp.127-208

Kazuhisa Okajima

  Touch instant electromotive force method determining activities of

  liquid alloys. pp.209-279

(Research report)

Hideomi Fujita, Masafumi Hirota, Hajime Yokosawa

  Experiments on turbulent flow in a square duct with a rough wall.


Toshi Fujiwara, Akiko Matsuo

  Oxyhydrogen oblique detonation supported by two demesional wedge.


(, 1989)

Daido Ishii, Masashi Goto, Toyohide Takeuchi, Akio Hirose

  Microcolumn chromatography.  pp.1-38

K.V.Reddy, Toshi Fujiwara

  "HYREFS series codes" users' manual.  pp.39-92

(Research report)

Toshi Fujiwara, K.V.Reddy

  Propagation mechanism of detonation -three-dimensional phenomena.


Takeo Soga

  A Kinetic analysis of heat transfer between two parallel plates in

  polyatomic gas.  pp.112-125