Memoirs of the School of Engineering.


Toshio Yamamoto, Yukio Ishida, Takashi Ikeda

  Vibrations of a rotating shaft with nonlinear spring characteristics

  and unsymmetry.  pp.131-204

Masayuki Ieda, Masayuki Hikita

  Recent studies on electrical breakdown in polymers.  pp.205-253

Shigeo Goto, Hideo Teshima

  Kinetic studies on ion-exchange resins.  pp.254-300

(v.35, no.1, 1983)

Mitsukiyo Murakami, Koji Kikuyama, Kenji Nishibori

  Flow in axially rotating pipes.  pp.1-35

Keiji Naito, Hideaki Inaba, Tsuneo Matsui

  A Calorimetric study on nuclear reactor materials at high

  temperatures.  pp.36-100

(Research reports)

Takahiro Iwami, Ichiro Sugiura

  A fundamental consideration on the shift logic of automatic

  transmissions for electric vehicles.  pp.101-116

Tetsuya Matsui, Kenji Kato

  Computation of wave drift forces on floating axisymmetric bodies in

  regular waves.  pp.117-130

(, 1982)

Hiroshi Ota, Kazuki Mizutani

  "On the unstable vibrations of a shaft having asymmetrical stiffness

  and / OR asymmetrical rotor".  pp.149-238

Koichiro Iwata, Toru Sawaragi

  Wave deformation in the surf zone.  pp.239-283

(Research reports)

Mitsukiyo Murakami, Koji Kikuyama, Kenji Nishibori, Osami Kito

  Turbulent flow in an axially rotating pipe(Effect of inlet swirl).


(v.34, no.1, 1982)

Yoshio Ohashi

  Effects of conmplicated deformation history on inelastic deformation

  behaviour of metals. pp.1-76

Kenji Horii

  Experiment of artificial lightning triggered with rocket.  pp.77-112

(Research reports)

Ikuo Nakamura, Yasuhiko Sakai, Masafumi Miyata

  A study on the fluctuation concentration field in a turbulent jet :on

  the Measurement of the concentration fluctuation intensity and the

  self-preservation.  pp.113-124

Susumu Wakamatsu, Kojiro Nishina

  Reactor physics constants for the medium enriched-uranium core of

  Kyoto University Critical Assembly.  pp.125-138

Kazue Sugino, Yasuyoshi Inagaki, Teruo Fukumura

  Tree language accepted by probabilistic tree automaton with isolated

  cut-point.  pp.139-148

(v.33, no.2, 1981)

Nobuo Nakahara

  Verification of similarity theory on space air distribution and study

  on occupied zone air-conditioning for large spaces through scaled

  model experiments and actual measurements.  pp.91-128

Shigeharu Naka, Shin-ichi Hirano

  Study of behaviors of various carbons under high pressure and

  temperature conditions by electro-thermal analysis.  pp.129-163

Noriaki Itoh, Takeyoshi Nakayama, Katsumi Tanimura, Taisu Chong,

Masahiro Saidoh, Kazumichi Nakagawa, Kazuo Soda

  Uses of pulsed electron beam to solid-states studies.  pp.164-194

(Research reports)

Heishichiro Takahama, Hajime Yokosawa

  An experimental study of the vortex tube (where the vortex chamber

  includes a divergent tube).  pp.195-208

Yoshiro Ogata, Kohtaro Tomizawa, Kyoji Furuta

  Photochemical reaction of diacyl peroxides with aromatic compounds

  effects of temperature and wavelength on the orientation of radical

  substitution. pp.209-214

Takeo Nakagawa, Fusetsu Takagi

  An experimental study on flow around two-dimensional models with

  reference to bed from porpagation.  pp.215-227

(v.33, no.1, 1981)

Shigeaki Tsutsumi

  On the process of components-rolling. pp.1-41

Yasumitsu Miyazaki, Kazunari Takai, Yasuo Akao

  Waveguide type optical isolator using faraday and cotton-mouton

  effects in Bi-substituted YIG thin films.  pp.42-57

(Research reports)

Yoshiro Ogata, Kohtaro Tomizawa, Koichi Adachi

  Photo-oxidation of ammonia with aqueous hydrogen peroxide.  pp.58-65

Isao Masumoto, Kazuo Matsuda

  Cause of prosity in weld metal by a low-hydrogen electrode. pp.66-75

Takeo Soga, Masaya Takanishi, Michiru Yasuhara

  Measurements of low density, high velocity flow by electron beam

  fluorescence technique.  pp.76-89

(v.32, no.2, 1980)

Masayuki Ieda, Teruyoshi Mizutani, Yasuo Suzuoki

  TSC and TL studies of carrier trapping in insulating polymers.


Kahei Nakamura

  Control approach to unknown objects.  pp.20-268

(Research reports)

Takao Kato, Shinobu Kato, Katsumi Yamaguchi

  On the pressure distribution between solid surfaces in contact.


Ikuo Nakamura, Shintaro Yamashita, Kumio Yamamoto

  On the turbulent boundary layer on a spinning tail body in an axial

  flow.  pp.282-298

Hajime Tamagawa, Kojiro Nishina

  Determination of fundamental mode decay constant out of a decay curve

  with higher mode contamination.  pp.299-309

(v.32, no.1,1980)

Shigeo Uchida

  Theory of streamline analysis method referred to the orthogonal

  curvilinear coordinates. pp.1-85

Minoru Matsuo, Akira Asaoka, Kunio Kawamura

  Reliability-based design of geotechnical engineering problems.


(Research reports)

Shigeru Shiomi, Susumu Uchiyama    

  Effect of surface layer etching and ion-dosage on bubble state

  transition in ion-implanted garnet films.  pp.143-157

Kojiro Nishina, Yuichi Shimada

  Parameter domains for the existence of Neutron-wave discrete

  eigenvalues.  pp.158-171

(v.31, no.2, 1979)

Hidenori Akiyama, Susumu Takeda

  Nonlinear interaction of high frequency electromagnetic field with

  a plasma.  p.97-152

Hiroyasu Nomura, Fumio Kawaizumi, Yutaka Miyahara

  Thermodynamic properties of ions in nonaqueous solvents. pp.153-183

(Research reports)

Shigeru Shiomi, Akira Ikai, Yasushi Sawada, Satoshi Iwata,

Susumu Uchiyama, Toshitaka Fujii

  Effect of static in -plane magnetic field on translation velocity

  and mobility of bubble domains Eu-CaGe and Sm-CaGe substituted

  garnet films.  pp.184-195

Susumu Wakamatsu, Kojiro Nishina, Kengo Hashimoto,Takahiro Fujishiro

  Reactor physics group constants for the C-core of the Kyoto

  University Critical Assembly.  pp.196-213

(v.31, no.1, 1979)

Yasuo Kasuga, Shigeaki Tsutsumi, Toshihiko Mori

  Investigation into the shearing process of ductile sheet metals.


Kojiro Nishina, Shikoh Itoh, Yoshihiro Yamane, Yoshio Ohmori,

Hajime Tamagawa

  Neutron diffusion and thermalization parameters : measurements with

  graphite and theoretical review.  pp.47-96