Memoirs of the School of Engineering.

(v.20, no.2,1968)

Yoshio Ohashi, Sumio Murakami

  Study on the axisymmetric elasto-plastic deformation of thin plates.

  pp. 355-433 

(Research Reports) 

Yukihiko Yamamoto, Ichiro Sugiura 

  Allowable region of the plant parameter variation to the terminal

  margin in optimal control system.  pp.434-441 

Hajimu Okubo, Seiichiro Kitaoka

  Optimum size of fatigue cracks promoting the effect of subsequent

  understressing.  pp.442-446 

Shintaro Otsuka, Showgo Hayashi

  A note about the surveying position of outlet flow in cascade

  experiments.  pp. 447-456 

Junichiro Toriwaki, Teruo Fukumura

  The program system for image processing and its application to

  automatic interpretation of chest X-ray films.  pp.457-472 

Munehiro Goto, Teruo Fukumura

  The distance of arithmetic codes.  pp.473-482 

(v.20, no.1,1968)

Hajimu Okubo

  Electroplating method of stress analysis.  pp.1-143

Keiko Kobayashi, Eiiti Takizawa

  On the stochastic types of motion in a system of coupled harmonic

  oscillators.  pp.144-180

Hideji Yamada

  Spin wave spectrum and related problems for ferromagnetic 3 d-group

  transition metals and alloys.  pp.181-257

  (Research Reports)

Yosio Ohashi, Tadashi Nishitani

  Time dependent variation of the stress distribution in a

  semi-infinite plate compressed with an elastic flat punch.  pp.258-277

Shintaro Otsuka, Shinichi Ishiyama, Yasutaka Mizobe

  A Note about the effect of exit side walls on cascade performances. 


Masamitsu Mori, Yoshiaki Honda

  A Study on the progressive signal system in the urban area. 


Kahei Nakamura

  Sequential vector space description of descrete control system.


Moriya Oda

  Fundamental discussion of heuristic function and its introduction

  into learning control. pp.327-344

Ichiro Sugiura, Toshiharu Goo, Takeo Nakajima 

  An Optimal feed back composition for the second order system with the

  performance index constrained by the dynamic sensitivity.  pp.345-354

(v.19, no.2, 1967)

Masaichiro Seika

  Photoelastic analysis of the maximum stress in a plate with a

  reinforced circular hole under uniaxial tension.  pp.177-196 

Toshio Yamamoto, Hiroshi Ota

  The damping effect on unstable whirlings of a shaft carrying an

  unsymmetrical rotor.  pp.197-217 

Tamotsu Ohno, Ryoji Abe

  An electron energy analyser with a retarding potential filter and a


  differentiating system.  pp.218-227 

(Research Reports)

Akira Tsuboi, Mahito Ichikawa

  Error analysis on various electrical analogues solutions for one,Two

  and three dimensional heat-conduction partial differential equations.


Akimasa Funahashi, Susumu Takeda

  Microwave reflection measurement of electron densities in electromagn

  etically driven shock produced plasmas.  pp.250-269 

Isao Masumoto, Kaneyuki Imai, Kazuo Matsuda

  Effects of several elements of bare electrode steel wire for gas

  shielded metal arc welding.  pp.270-279 

Mompei Shirato, Kazumasa Kobayashi

  Studies in non uni-dimensional filtration. Filtration on cylindrical

  spherical and square surfaces.  pp.280-292 

Shigeo Uchida, Kyoshi Watanabe, Haruhiko Takada

  On a similar solution of laminar half jet along a curved streamline. 


Katsuhiko Okada, Kogo Kamiya

  Optimum condition for developing SWR films.  pp.306-309 

Michio Iseki, Tomoo Kirihara

  The dependency of the electromotive force of Ag/AgCl electrode on 

  the chlorine pressure.  pp.310-317 

(v.19, no.1, 1967)

Atsushi Kawasaki, Yoshiro Ogata

  Kinetic studies on the reaction of amines with aldehydes.  pp.1-45

Yasushi Kojima, Kokichi Sano

  Fundamental study on the acidic steel making.  pp.46-101

(Research reports)

Toshio Yamamoto, Akihiko Satio

  On the oscillations of "Summed and differential types" under the

  parametric excitation.  pp.102-117

Ko Terada, Sadamune Eto, Yasuhiro Kawaguchi

  Uber die Fesistellung des Druckanstiegs im Motorzylinder.  pp.118-134

Akira Iguchi, Tadasu Maki

  Heat and mass transfer from a rotating disk in an open environment.  


Akira Iguchi, Tadasu Maki

  Heat and mass transfer from a rotating disk in a cylinder.


Toshitaka Fujii, Eizo Yamada, Susumu Uchiyama

  Effect of anisotropy dispersion on static reversal process of

  magnetization in Ni-Fe films.  pp.153-163

Takeo Oki, Hiroshi Inoue

  Reduction of titanium dioxide by calcium in hot cathode spot. 


Kiyoo Sato, Kengo Adachi

  On the magnetic properties of Mn5Ge3.  pp.167-170

Isamu Imachi

  On Frictional viscosity in vibrating systems.  pp.171-176

(v.18, no.2, 1966)

Toshio Yamamoto, Satoru Hayashi

  "Summed and differential harmonic oscillations in nonlinear

  vibratory systems"  pp.85-150

(Research Reports)

Kiyoo Sato, Kunihide Tanaka, Akira Hoshi

  Magnetization measurements of manganesegold alloy in pulsed

  magnetic field.  pp.151-155

Kiyoshi Matsumiya, Toshio Hayashi, Shigeo Uchida

  An analysis of turbulent flow in a two-dimensional channel.


Michiru Yasuhara

  The structure of barrel shock in a jet exhaust at hight altitude. 


Ichiro Sugiura

  Adaptive Optimalizing control utilizing open loop type

  optimum-controller and the sensitivity coefficients.  pp.182-201

Kahei Nakamura, Moriya Oda

  Fundamental principle and behavior of learntrols.  pp.202-224

(v.18, no.1, 1966)

Yasuhiko Sawaki, Yoshiro Ogata

  The kinetic studies on the hvdrogen peroxide oxidation of organic

  compounds.  pp.1-33

Shigeo Uchida, Kiyoshi Matsumiya

  An analysis of turbulent boundary layer along a flat plate.  pp.34-53

(Research Reports)

Harumoto Yamada, Yasufumi Hibino, Iwao Muchi

  Mathematical model for mixing of fluid in packed bed.  pp.54-62

Koji Masuda, Shintaro Otsuka

  On the application limit of the inviscid small-perturbation theory

  to the secondary flow in cascades.  pp.63-78

Kiyoshi Matsumiya, Shigeo Uchida

  An analytical study of a favourable velocity distribution for a low

  drag aerofoil.  pp.79-84

(v. 17, no.2, 1965)

Minoru Kawano, Yukimasa Ikebe, Yoshiyuki Nakashima, Kuniyasu Shimizu

  Some properties of naturally occuring radiations and radioactive

  ions in the atmosphere.  pp.125-159

(Research reports)

Yoshimasa Furuya, Eiichi Tanaka, Tokihiro Kushida

  An improved hot-wire anemometer.  pp.160-165

Iwao Miyachi, Yukio Kito

  Lightning arrester performances associated with the switching

  operation in a 275 kV substation.  pp.166-172

Yasuyoshi Inagaki, Kazue Sugino

  An application of Pseudo-Boolean progamming to the state assignment

  of sequential circuits with high reliability.  pp.173-184

Koin Ito, Kokichi Sano

  The effect of water vapor on the rate of reduction of iron ore by

  hydrogen.  pp.185-192

Shigekatsu Mori, Iwao Muchi

  Mathematical model for fluidized-bed reactor.  pp.193-203

Haruhiko Takada, Shigeo Uchida

  On the jet mixing which consists of laminar and turbulent regions. 


Osamu Matsuoka, Tetsuya Matsui

  Solutions for spherical shells under concentrated forces and moments.

  pp. 216-229

(v.17, no.1, 1965)

Matsuhei Ichihara, Kano Ueshita, Toru Sawaragi, Shizuo Shimada, Yuhshi 

Fukumoto, Masayasu Kondo

  Studies on the niigata earthquake.  pp.1-36

(Research Reports)

Heishichiro Takahama, Shosuke Tanaka, Tamon Ikeda, Hiroshi Suzuki

  An experimental study of vortex tube with double row nozzle.


Takayoshi Okuda, Kenzo Yamamoto

  Plasma diffusion in magnetic field.  pp.49-55

Iwao Miyachi, Yukio Kito

  Overvoltage reduction effect of line resistances in power systems. 


Toshitaka Fujii, Susumu Uchiyama

  Domain walls along line defects in thin permalloy films.  pp.67-73

Shigeki Miyajima

  One-dimensional seady flow of a plasma.  pp.74-78

Iwao Muchi

  Inclusive Two-phase model for fluidized-bed reactor.  pp.79-89

Kakusaburo Onda, Eizo Sada, Minoru Nagasaka

  Measurement of the gas-side mass tuansfer coefficient by liquid jet.


Haruhiko Takada

  On the mixing of the free jet boundary which includes laminar and

  turbulent flow region in tandem.  pp.99-105 

Tatsuzo Maeda, Tohru Nishimura

  Stresses around reinforced circular holes arranged in a row in an

  infinite sheet.(stresses in a reinforced sheet. Part I)  pp.106-114

Yoshio Kosaka

  Mechanical properties of lightweight aggregate concrete for

  structural use.  pp.115-123 

(v.16, no.1-2, 1964)

Minoru Ueda, Masakazu Ito

  Electric breakdown phenomena of dielectric liquids in high frequency 

  field.  pp.1-29

(Research Reports)

Masayuki Ieda, Goro Sawa, Ukichi Shinohara

  Effects of insulating film on negative point corona at atmospheric

  pressure.  pp.30-38

Takayoshi Okuda, Kenzo Yamamoto

  The impedance formula for a partially ionized, collision-dominated

  plasma.  pp.39-54

Shigeki Miyajima

  Note on sheath formation.  pp.55-67

Mompei Shirato, Masao Sambuichi, Toshiro Murase

  Hydraulic pressure distribution in filter-cakes under constant

  pressure filtration.  pp.68-79

Shigeo Uchida, Kyoshi Watanabe, Haruhiko Takada

  Collisionless expansion of gases of finite amount into vacuum. 


Ei Iti Takizawa, Keiko Kobayasi

  Zur unendlichen reihen besselscher funktionen.  pp.88-96

Shintaro Otsuka

  Experiments on the comparison between cascade and axial flow

  compressor performances.  pp.97-109

Tatsuzo Maeda, Tohru Nishimura

  Shear buckling of simply-supported infinitely long plates reinforced

  by oblique stiffeners.  pp.110-118 

Osamu Matsuoka

  Complex transformation of the differential equations of thin elastic

  shells by the consistent theory when poisson's ratio is equal to

  zero.  pp.119-124