Memoirs of the School of Engineering.

(v.15, no.2,1963)


(v.15, no.1, 1963)

Tsugio takeuchi, Masami Suzuki, Daido Ishii, Ken Sato, Iwao Fujishima, 

Tsutomu Fukasawa, Tamotsu Tanaka, Takayoshi Yoshimori

  Study on the determination of traces of impurities in uranium metal as  nuclear fuel.  pp.1-51

(Research Reports)

Keiko Kobayashi, Ei Iti Takizawa

  Sur des series infinies de fonction de bessel.  pp.52-56

Ei Iti Takizawa, Keiko Kobayashi, Harumitu Yamamoto

  On the vibration of aerofoil. II. Propagation of disturbance in a

  linea elastic chain.  pp.57-69

Tomoari Nagasima, Ei Iti Takizawa

  On the longitudinal oscillation of all aeroplane in turbulent air.


Michiru Yasuhara, Masakazu Goto

  Wake flow with axial pressure gradient far behind from the body.


Senshi Kobayashi, Kunihiko Ichikawa

  Die erzwungenen schwingungen in servoanordnungen mit nichtlinearer

  reibung.  pp.88-94

Yoshiyuki Ochiai

  Timbre study on nasalics. Part IV: Study on open and blocked

  nasalizations,Artificially derived from five oral vowels by closing

  respectively the terminals of nasal and buccal passages.  pp.95-109

Koji Matsuura, Junji Kawai

  Study on distribution characteristics of loudness quality of

  sustained vowels under the conditions of vocal intensity piano and

  forte.  pp.110-116

Masayuki Ieda, Masamitsu Kosaki, Ukichi Shinohara

  Electrical conduction in plasticized polyvinyloride exposed to high

  energy radiations and its post-irradiation effect.  pp.117-121

Takayoshi Okuda

  Collection of changed particles on probe in high pressure plasma. 


Takayoshi Okuda, Kenzo Yamamoto

  Response of prifting plasma to density perturbation.  pp.135-148

Hachie Sawamoto, Takeo Oki

  Refining of chromium by means of fused salts electrolysis.  pp.149-158

(v.14, no.1-2, 1962)

Yukio Kito

  Classified observation of small current interruption phenomena in

  power systems.  pp.1-63

(Research Reports)

Tamio Ono, Ikuma Ishii

  On a renewal problem.  pp.64-76

Hajimu Okubo, Kikuo Hosono

  Foil-gauge of electrodeposited-copper.  pp.77-80

Komei Watabe

  On the frictional resistance of enclosed rotating disc of various

  surfaces.  pp.81-94

Shintaro Otsuka, Tadashi Sato

  Experiments on the comparison between cascade and axial flow

  compressor performances.(Part I: Experiment on cascades)  pp.95-106

Shintaro Otsuka, Tadashi Hiki

  Experiments on the comparison between cascade and axial flow-

  compressor performances. (Part II: Experiment on axial flow-

  compressor)  pp.107-120

Ei Iti Takizawa, Akihiko Kumazawa, Keiko Kobayasi

  On the scattering of sound wave in a non-isotropic turbulence.


Ei Iti Takizawa, Keiko Kobayasi

  Statistical consideration about the critical rate of strength of

  materials.  pp.131-137

Ei Iti Takizawa, Keiko Kobayasi

  On the vibration of aerofoil. I.Localized vibration of linear elastic

  chain.  pp.138-149

Masayuki Ieda, Ukichi Shinohara

  On the dielectric absorption phenomena in plasticized polyvinyl

  chloride by polarity reversal method of direct current voltage. 


Takayoshi Okuda, Kenzo Yamamoto

  Low frequency wave propagation in a drifting plasma.  pp.160-165

Takayoshi Okuda, Kenzo Yamamoto

  Electroacoustic wave in quasi-steady approach.  pp.166-169

Takayoshi Okuda, Kenzo Yamamoto

  Propagation of temperature disturbance in gaseous plasma.  pp.170-175

Takayoshi Okuda

  Equilibrium temperature of particles in partially ionized plasma. 


Takayoshi Okuda, Kenzo Yamamoto

  Penetration of ion sheath into plasma.  pp.179-181

Yoshiyuki Ochiai, Teruo Fukumura, Fumio Ishino

  Sur les qualites principales des voyeles soutenues et des paroles

  continues.  pp.182-186 

Yoshiyuki Ochiai, Teruo Fukumura, Takashi Sakurai

  Study on a paticular problem of timbre pattern of oral vowels

  crevasse phenomena in formant structure due to vocal forcing in pitch

  and level.  pp.187-196 

Hachie Sawamoto, Takeo Oki, Akira Nishina

  Foundamental study on production of copper powder by direct

  electrolysis(1).  pp.197-208

Hachie Sawamoto, Takeo Oki, Jun Tanikawa

  Study on preparation of beryllium fluoride-by reaction between BEO

  and  NH4F(or NH4HF2)  pp.209-214

Michio Inagaki, Tokiti Noda

  Analytical determination of carbon varieties and graphitizability of

  binder pitch in graphitized carbon products.  pp.215-224  

(v.13, no.2, 1961)

Ichizo Ninomiya

  A study of the structures of boolean functions and its application to

  the synthesis of switching circuits.  pp.149-363

(Research Reports)

Yoshiyuki Ochiai, Kazuko Tokuda, Koji Matsuura

  Memoir on the problem of description and classification of timbre in

  general.  pp.364-374 

(v.13, no.1, 1961)

Seizo Fujii

  On various methods of optimalizing control.  pp.1-56

(Research Reports)

Ei Iti Takizawa, Yoshiyuki Sugiyama

  On the equation of longitudinal vibration of a circular cylinder with

  moderate thickness under themral stress.  pp.57-64 

Michiru Yasuhara

  Axi-symmetric viscous flow past very slender bodies of revolution. 


Yuji Kato

  On the spin-spin interaction in paramagnetic salts.  pp.88-91

Yuji Kato

  Nuclear magnetic relaxation in solid hydrogen.  pp.92-98

Kanehisa Udagawa, Takashi Hiramatsu

  Note on the parameter M in linear programming.  pp.99-104

Shigeki Miyajima, Kenzo Yamamoto

  Positive column in a longitudinal magnetic field.  pp.105-116

Shigeki Miyajima, Kenzo Yamamoto

  Surface instability of the positive column with an applied. 


Shigeki Miyajima, Kenzo Yamamoto

  Formulation of dissipation mechanisms in a partially ionized plasma.


Yoshiyuki Ochiai, Kazuko Tokuda

  Presentation of characteristic data on phonemic quality distribution

  of japanese vowel sounds, from the standpoint of speech

  communication.  pp.126-132 

Hachie Sawamoto, Takeo Oki, Akira Nishina

  An investigation on a production of metallic vanadium by aluminium

  reduction (1st report).  pp.133-137

Kakusaburo Onda, Tadayoshi Okamoto, Yukio Yamaji

  Measurement of the diffusivity of CO2 in liquid by liquid jets.


(v.12, no.2, 1960)

Tadaya Ito

  Experimental researches on the surging of the blower.  pp.139-226

(Research Reports)

Heishichiro Takahama, Kin-Ichi Kawashima

  An experimental study of vortex tubes.  pp.227-245

Yoshiyuki Ochiai, Haruki Sanka, Yuichi Narukawa

  Study on vocal patterns as voice element of calling subject, Found in   mechanical vibration modes picked-up on regio thyreoideas. 


Hachie Sawamoto

  One consideration on the sintering mechanism of ore.  pp.256-268

Hachie Sawamoto, Takeo Oki, Akira Nishina

  Determination of impurities in beryllium oxide used for beryllium

  metal production (1).   pp.269-273

Hachie Sawamoto

  On a new smelting process of metals (the 1st report). The fundamental   principles.  pp.274-278

(v.12, no.1, 1960)

Michio Inouye , Kokichi Sano

  Studies on the desulphurization of molten pig iron by manganese. 


   (Research Reports)

Ei Iti Takizawa

  On the solution of schrodinger equation with periodic potential in

  the three dimensional finite space.  pp.59-63

Yoshiyuki Sugiyama

  On the eigenvalues of the one-dimensional schrodinger equation with

  periodic potential of saw-toothed or roof-shaped form.  pp.64-72

Atsushi Kimpara

  The correlation of occurrences of whistlers with geomagnetic

  activities.  pp.73-74

Yoshiyuki Ochiai, Teruo Fukumura

  Timbre pattern representation and subjective quality measurement of

  forced vocalics.  pp.75-90 

Shigeki Miyajima, Kenzo Yamamoto

  Theory of space charge in vacuum diode tube. Part I. Hydrodynamic

  description.  pp.91-103 

Shigeki Miyajima, Kenzo Yamamoto

  Theory of space charge in vacuum diode tube. Part II. The temperature

  of electron gas.  pp.104-107

Ukichi Shinohara, Masayuki Ieda, Yonekazu Inagaki

  Variation of electrical properties on polymers by high energy

  radiation.  pp.108-116 

Senshi Kobayashi

  Note on many valued logic.  pp.117-122

Hachie Sawamoto, Takeo Sugiura, Teruyoshi Umemura

  A study on reduction of barium oxide with aluminium.  pp.123-129

Hachie Sawamoto, Takeo Sugiura, Akira Nishina

  A study on Metallurgy of metallic beryllium. On reducing beryllium

  oxide with calcium.  pp.130-135  

Nobutoshi Daimon, Yoji Ito, Minoru Hirao

  A method of production synthetic mica crystal in using seed crystals.


(v.11, no.1-2, 1959)

Hajimu Okubo

  Electroplating method and its applications.  pp.1-44

Yosio Ohasi

  Photoelastic examination of neuber's solution for notched-bar under

  tension or bending.  pp.45-53  

Ichizo Ninomiya

  On the number of genera of boolean functions of  variables. 


Ei Iti Takizawa

  On the specific heat and thermal conductivity.  pp.59-66

Ei Iti Takizawa

  Beispiel der molekularen relaxation im  und -Raum.  pp.67-79

Ei Iti Takizawa

  Note on the correlation of -electrons in organic dyes III.  pp.80-85

Atsusi Kimpara

  Sea phenomena due to nuclear explosion.  pp.86-88

Yoshiyuki Ochiai

  Etude plus detaillee sur 1'enveloppe des patrons du timbre des

  vocales orales, particulierement au point de vue de la structure des

  vallons.  pp.89-102 

Yoshiyuki Ochiai, Moriya Oda

  Sur 1'intensite sonore subjective des vocales soutenues ayant les

  significations phonemique et vocalique.  pp.103-111 

Teruo Fukumura

  Quality problems in perception of repeated damped sinusoids.


Masayuki Ieda, Ukichi Shinohara

  Effect of impurities on dielectric breakdown in plasticized polyvinyl

  chloride.  pp.121-129 

Takayoshi Okuda, Kenzo Yamamoto

  Characteristics of gas discharge plasma in magnetic field.


Masakazu Katagiri

  The boundary layer of an incompressible fluid with periodic motion in

  magnetohydrodynamics.  pp.137-142 

Michio Sato, Kahei Nakamura

  Synthesis for finite settled time response in sampled-data control

  systems with nonlinearity.  pp.143-152 

Sitiro Minagawa

  A simplified technique of estimating steady state performance of

  on-off control systems.  pp.153-159

Kazuhisa Okajima, Michio Inoue, Kokichi Sano

  On the dry method for decuprization of pyrite cinders.  pp.160-164

Hachie Sawamoto, Takeo Sugiura, Akira Nishina

  Metallurgical study of calcium by pyrolysis of calcium carbide. 


Hachie Sawamoto, Takeo Sugiura, Akira Nishina

  The distillation process of zinc, Lead and cadmium from black ore

  with iron reduction.  pp.171-174 

Toru Takagi, Yoshiyuki Toyama

  Fatty oils of aquatic invertebrates. XX. Fatty oil of the shellfish

  brachidontes senhousia with a particular reference to its sterol

  components.  pp.175-180  

Tatsuo Tanaka, Yoshiyuki Toyama

  Fatty oils of aquatic invertebrates. XXI. Fatty oil of the see-Hare

  aplysia kurodai and its sterol components.  pp.181-186 

Tatsuo Tanaka, Yoshiyuki Toyama

  Fatty oils of aquatic invertebrates. XXII. Unsaponifiable components

  other than sterol in the fatty oil of the sea-Hare aplysia kurodai.


Yoshito Koyama, Tadayoshi Hisatsune, Suketaka Ito, Yoshiyuki Toyama

  Seed oils from eight species of japanese plants: Melothria japonica,

  aralia elata, gilibertia trifida, kalopanax innovans, idesia

  polycarpa, staphylea bumalda, euscaphis japonica and prunus

  spinulosa.  pp.196-203 

Tatsuo Tanaka, Yoshiyuki Toyama

  Fatty oils of aquatic invertebrates. XXIII. Fatty oils and their

  unsaponifiable components of the molluscs-dendrodoris rubra var.

  nigromaculata, littorina brevicula, mya arenaria japonica and pinna

  pectinata japonica.  pp.204-209 

Suketaka Ito, Toru Takagi, Yoshiyuki Toyama

  Fatty oils of aquatic invertebrates. XXIV. Fatty oils of the

  ascidians, sarcodidemnoides misakiense and cynthia karasboja with a

  particular reference to their sterols.  pp.210-215

Minoru Kita, Yoshiyuki Toyama

  On the sterols of twenty five species of marine invertebrates in

  japanese waters.  pp.246-225 

Tatsuo Tanaka, Yoshiyuki Toyama

  On the fatty oil from egg mass of the sea-hare, aplysia kurodai, and

  its unsaponifiable matter.  pp.226-228

Akiya Kozawa

  Analysis of manganese and manganese dioxide. Part 1. An interesting

  bebavior of graphite rod with manganese dioxde on its surface.


Akiya Kozawa, Kumazo Sasaki

  Analysis of manganese and manganese dioxide. Part 2. A simple and

  rapid volumetric method for determination of manganese and its

  application to iron and steel analysis and manganese analysis in

  mno2.  pp.236-242 

Akiya Kozawa 

  Analysis of manganese and manganese dioxide. Part 3. Improvements in

  the analytical method of mno2.  pp.243-247