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OPAC's location, holding place and contact library

In the Graduate School/School of Engineering, 5 libraries or laboratories have materials.
OPAC shows locations of materials as follows.     

OPAC holding     

Location code, holding place and contact library are shown in table below.

Location Holding place Contact
Eng Central Lib
Eng Central Lib in stack
Eng Central Lib Journal
Eng Central Lib Archit Books
Central Engineering Library Central Engineering Library
Eng Chem Bio Lib
Chemical and Biological Library Chemical and Biological Library
Eng Mater Chem
Eng Chem
Eng Biotec
Labs., Dept. of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Eng Mol Macromol Chem
Labs., Eng Mol Macromol Chem Chemical and Biological Library or Chemical and Biological Library
Eng Biomol Labs., Biomolecular Eng
Eng Material
Eng Appl Phys
Eng Quantum Energy
Labs., Dept. of Physical Science and Engineering Central Engineering Library
Eng Mater Phys Labs., Dept of Eng Mater Phys
Eng Mater Design Labs., Dept of Eng Mater Design Innov
Eng Mater Prc Labs.,, dept of Eng Mater Prc
Eng Chem Sys Labs., Dept of Eng Chem Sys
Eng Elec Info Lib Electrical and Information Library Electrical and Information Library
Eng Elec

Eng Info
Labs., Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Labs., Dept. of Information Engineering
Eng Electron Labs., Eng Elec
Eng Info Comm Labs., of Eng Info Commun
Eng Mech Aero Lib
Mechanical and Aerospace Library Mechanical and Aerospace Library
Eng Mech
Eng Elec Mech
Eng Aero
Labs., Dept. of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Eng Micro Labs., Dept. of Micro-Nano Systems Engineering
Eng Civil Lib
Civil Engineering Library Civil Engineering Library
Eng Civil Environ Labs., Dept. of Civil Engineering
Eng Archit Labs., Dept. of Architecture Central Engineering Library
Eng Quantum

Eng Cryst

Eng Energy

Eng Mol Design

Eng Comp
Labs., Dept. of Quantum Engineering
Labs., Dept. of Crystalline Materials Science
Labs., Dept. of Energy Engineering and Science
Labs., Dept. of Molecular Design and Engineering
Labs., Dept. of Computational Science and Engineering
Eng Common Fac
Eng Nuclear Fac
Common Facilities etc.
Facility for Nuclear Materials
Eng Appl Energy Labs.,Dept. of Eng Appl Energy

Labs., EcoTopia Science Institute
Labs., Venture Business Laboratory
Pharm (Eng)

Labs., Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Cellular and Structural Physiology Institute
Eng Future Soc

Labs., Institutes of Innovation for Future Society
Disaster Mitigation Research Center
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