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Engineering Library consists of Central Engineering Library and 4 department libraries.
Location codes indicate as holding places those libraries or labs of the departments.
・Telephone number: please put 052 - 789 - before each number.
・E-mail: please attach @ after each address.

Library Address Tel E-mail Open Library hours
@Central Engineering Library Build. ES 1F 105 5033 eng Mon.-Fri 9:00-17:00
AChemical and Biological Library Build. 1 2F 201 3176 biochem Tue., Wed., Fri. 10:00-12:00,
BElectrical and Information Library Build. IB BF 047 2749 electro Mon., Wed., Fri.
CMechanical and Aerospace Library Build. 2
1F 141
3293 mecha Mon., Wed., Thu.
DCivil Engineering Library Build. 9
1F 107
3566 civil Tue., Thu., Fri.

Engineering Library Map

library map

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